1. Content


Make sure your site has good unique content associated with the Industry and words that you trying to rank for.

Have detailed explanations about the techniques that you use to provide your Excellent service, this allows Google to rank you better as it understands the technical words that you use in your content and they understand they are associated with your industry and the keywords you are trying to rank for.For example; A Partitioning and Ceiling company should have good content on “Partitioning and Ceiling techniques “.

In this case we wrote content about “MF Plasterboard Concealed Framed Systems” and “Lay-in Exposed Suspended Ceilings Systems”.

This is good for our Google rankings because:

Google will understand you have detailed content of your industry. The more subjects and content you have related to your industry the more Google will trust you as a reliable resource relating your industry and thus ranking you higher.

Tip: Think about all the areas that are associated with your industry and write about them, write advice, self help, techniques, any thing . Just make sure your site has in depth content relating to your industry.

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